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Horse race in Tunisia
Racehorses in Tunisia
Objective : To place the horse in a perfect physiological state.
Ideal Daily Supplementation for a sport horse. 

Indications : For any horse subjected to an intense physical activity.

Composition : 14 vitamins, 7 trace elements, 3 amino-acids and Magnesium in very strong concentrations. 
This composition rests on the comparison between the analysis brought by a traditional, good quality diet and the scientific study of a highly-performing horse’s optimum needs. 
Anti-doping certificate :
Officially certified as being risk-free until competition day. 
100% guarantee of the vitamins’ stability
Thanks to the exceptional quality of the vitamins used and to the factory production’s very high technology.
TWYDIL® can give a 100% guarantee on the vitamin contents of this product. 
Scientific Basis : The result of these studies was published in High Performance Horses Magazine, edition 90/91.
Administration and directions for use :
  Daily quantity    
  Colts   From 3 month-old to   weaning age
  From weaning age to 1   year old
  18,75g (1/4small measure)
  37,5g (1/2 small measure)
  Yearlings, 2 years   and   more   Training period
  Racing season
  In-between season
  75g (1 small measure)
  75g (1 small measure)
  37,5g (1/2 small measure)
A peace of advice : The amines contained in the TWYDIL® COMPETITION have a rather strong smell.  In spite of the natural aroma that we have added, some particularly difficult horses may be reluctant to eat their meals with TWYDIL® COMPETITION added. There are two solutions to make them get used to it:  either to decrease the intakes during 48 hours, or to use TWYDIL® HEMOPAR, an appetizing product most horses love.
Presentation : 3 kgs or 1kg
A trick :Available also in 1kg-buckets under the name of TWYDIL® COMPETITION; a strictly identical product, but with a different conditioning.
What our customers tell us : “During the first days, I did not see anything particular, but after about 5 weeks of TWYDIL® RACE, what initially struck me was the horse’s coat which had become much glossier than before.  Then its eye became more brilliant and its entire general attitude changed; this horse was physically transformed, its muscles had developed, he again showed hardiness and stamina, it seemed to have regained a taste for life.”
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