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Horse race in Tunisia
Racehorses in Tunisia
         Horse-loving is a passion that is transmitted from father to son in the MEZGHANI family.  Indeed, Mohamed MEZGHANI, the grandfather, was a horse-loving man; he had been a highly skilled horse-rider and horse-breeder who never missed any opportunity to attend horse races in Tunis, in KSAR SAID, or occasionally, abroad.


        Right from his youth, Mohamed MEZGHANI, the father, shared with his father this love and this great passion for the world of horses.  His childhood’s staple diet fed on his father’s fantastic accounts where horses were omnipresent.  In his head, an image formed where reality and fiction mixed to idolize man’s noblest conquest, namely, the horse.  Later on, Mohamed MEZGHANI father instituted a selective breeding to produce thoroughbreds of a given breed and it was his turn to transmit to his son Mohamed, this invaluable heritage that horse-loving is.  Faithful to the family tradition, Mohamed the son, knew how to preciously keep this legacy and devoted a particular attention to horse-breeding, the goal of which is not only to satisfy a passion but to go beyond it, so that it has become a daily concern for the improvement of the equine race in Tunisia.  For that end and under his father’s wise advice, Mohamed MEZGHANI the son, imported overseas quality horses which are currently at the disposal of the Tunisian stockbreeders.

        Chance was such that the three quoted characters are named Mohamed, but in any event, it is not by chance that this tradition happens to be perpetuated at the MEZGHANIS, because to breed horses, it is necessary to have in addition, a great passion, a patience that has no equal, a know-how and a long experience which can only give good results and beautiful horses that are the pride of this family.

Tunisian arabian horses

KASSAR SAID Hippodrome
View from the Stands

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