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Horse race in Tunisia
Racehorses in Tunisia
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Souad confirms its leadership.
Last Sunday in Kassar-Saïd, usual review of troops, with five tests in second group label.
Souad, the fabulous 2 years old mare (Jemel Brik) appropriates a victory for the fifth consecutive time, during Ibn Khaldoun Price’s.
Starting by 3 years old young horses (new generation) to describe the new victory of the fabulous Souad in Ibn Khaldoun Price’s (1400m) that has it under control from the beginning until the end, it was ridden by Jamel Brik, and it reached the winning post far away before Samarkand (who has two recent success), Sarraba and Sorra Men Ra. It is the fifth victory of Halim and Soumaika’s daughter, owned by her naissor, Mr. Mohamed Mezghani, and had been trained by Ali Ben Jaâfar.
Ibn Khaldoun Price’s Trophy
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