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Horse race in Tunisia
Racehorses in Tunisia
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And of three for Souad.
Blow of four for the jockey, Jamel Brik.
The young 2-year-old filly, Souad confirmed her promising beginnings by a third consecutive victory, on the occasion of the Gharamy Prize (1, 200 meters, 7 departures), disputed at the start of last Sunday meeting, over at the Ksar-Saïd hippodrome. At the presentation round, it was the only one mare watched and spoke about...

Souad (Jamel Brik) outclassed her adversaries of the Gharamy Prize

The limits of this particularly gifted daughter of Halim are not known yet. Trustfully ridden by Jamel Brik, who immediately placed her away from the obstacles of the group, Souad was in control of the race practically from beginning to end, without slackening at any time, and reaching the post very quietly ahead of her dauphine during her two preceding departures, Sirt El Hob (Sour and Hinati) as regular as ever, followed at 3l by Selma and Sorra Menra. Souad (Halim and Soumaika) belongs to her lucky naissor, Mr. Mohamed Mezghani, and it is being trained by Ali Ben Jaâfar.
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