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Horse race in Tunisia
Racehorses in Tunisia
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Half an hour later, it was the "young ladies'" turn to designate their champion, on the occasion of the Mohamed Salah Ben Hamouda Prize (gr. I - 15,000 D - 1,600m) which had got together 9 departures, including Halim's five daughters and Touwayssan's three daughters.


Rachiket El Ahlem (D. Doleuze) won the Med Salah Ben-Hamouda Prize - A 1L fillies' test, at the expense of the favorite, Raghouba.


Randaline and Rachiket El Ahlem quickly took the lead, controlling the event until the last turn, where they engaged in a fierce fight, along the straight line which ended with the victory of Rachiket El Ahlem, ridden by Romain Doleuze, of 1 L, at the expense of Ragouba (Halim and Imama).

For the certificates of merit, a beautiful row could be seen between Randaline and Rissela which came to an end in this order, away from Roubbama from which a better performance had been expected, and Reem Dubai. Rachiket El Ahlem (Halim and Akkouda) belongs to Mr. Mohamed Mezghani, a young and enterprising horse-breeder, and is being trained by Ali Ben Jaâfar who told us: "It is about a filly that, very early in life, revealed capabilities to us. It had begun quite decently. Her jockey told me that, at the beginning, she had drawn a little. He let her do so before taking her back in the opposite line. It ended well, by taking the best on Ragouba. It came on well on this exit and it practically took her the same time as for the colts. That is a good sign for a beautiful end of season!..."

Rachiket El Ahlem was 2-year-old when she started in December, with two third places in the Gharamy Prize (1,200m), behind Reem Dubai and Rissela, and it did not get a good position in UTAP Prize (gr. III – 1,200m) won by Ragouba, before Reem Dubai.

Her three-year campaign was launched in January, with two third places in the Anded Prizes (1,000m) and Bayram Ettounsi (gr. III – 1,200m) and a second place behind Rissela in the Ibn Khaldoun Prize (gr II-1,400). In February, it ended third, behind two colts, Rohben and Ribh, in the Prize of Raccada Stud Farm (gr. III – 1,600m).

It won her first victory by a short head on March 5, on the occasion of the Badie prize (1,000 m), at the expense of Rostom. On March 26, it was her turn to bow, by a short head, at the expense of Robbama, in the Abderrahman-Essaïed Prize (gr. II – 1,400m). It’s a well-born, regular filly that, by this victory, confirmed her traditional ambitions.
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