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Horse race in Tunisia
Racehorses in Tunisia
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A son of Djelfor stallion in Tunisia

A new stallion has just landed in Tunisia. It is 10-year-old Hamid, born from Djelfor and Ne Rien Faire, that defended Hamdan Al Maktoum’s colors in France and England with 5 victories and 2 places in 7 exits.
It even beat Al Sakbe and Magic de Piboul, two reference stallions. It is New Day stallion’s own brother in France, and Ne Rien Prendre at the UAE. Hamid was bought by the Mezghani Stud Farm which also has three other as well-born stallions: Tidjam Loutois (from Tidjani), Saint Faust (from Nights St George) and Mangir de Piboul (from Dormane), Magic de Piboul’s own brother.


Hamid, a stallion of great origin, imported by the Mezghani Stud farm

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