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Horse race in Tunisia
Racehorses in Tunisia
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On the first Sunday of November, I had pointed out to you the impressive beginnings of a 2-year-old filly, Souad, by inviting you to memorize that name... For her second departure, this beautiful young lady charmed again by taking the lead at the Azza Prize (1,000 meters) which it practically controlled from beginning to end. Her jockey, Jamel Brik (who had been her father’s regular partner, the star horse, Halim "did not make any move riding her," even when Sirt El Hob (Sour and Himati) became threatening near the post! Born from Halim and Soumaïka, Souad belongs to her naissor, Mohamed Mezghani, and it is trained by Ali Ben Jaâfar.


The 2-year-old Sound (Jamel Brik) charmed again, by winning the Azza Prize easily, in front of Sirt El Hob.

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